Guidelines for publishing an app

Requirements for submitting an app

Apps on Frappe Cloud Marketplace must meet the requirements listed on this page before they can be published.

  • Apps should provide value to the users

  • Apps should not persuade the user away from Frappe Cloud

  • Publisher should provide valid contact information

  • Apps should support the current stable version of Frappe/ERPNext

  • Apps must have a logo, description and screenshots images that meet the recommendations provided in the following section

Submitting Marketplace apps

To publish your app in the Frappe Cloud Marketplace, you'll need to write descriptions of your app and provide images that follow our guidelines.

App Name

The App Name must be unique across the Frappe Cloud Marketplace. For example, if an app exists with the name "todo", you cannot publish an app with same name even if it does not fork from the published app. Make sure you choose a name that is unique.

App Title

The App Title will appear on the Marketplace homepage. The name is limited to 255 characters and can be different from your app's name.

Short Description

  • We recommend keeping the length of the description to 40-80 characters.

  • Describe the app's functionality in a single sentence. Don't write multiple sentences.

  • Don't repeat your app name or title in the description.

  • Only capitalize proper nouns.

Long Description

  • Describe the usage, features and more about your app here.

  • Don't repeat the short description in the long description.

  • Don't add installation instruction since Frappe Cloud automatically handles those.

  • Move screenshots to the screenshot section.


Frappe Cloud Marketplace displays all apps with a logo image inside a circular frame to visually distinguish them. You must upload a custom image for the logo.

  • Upload a logo image that is at least 200 pixels x 200 pixels so your logo won't have to be upscaled when your listing is published.

  • Logos will be cropped to a square. We recommend uploading a square image file with your logo in the center.

  • Avoid using logo images with words or text in them. Logos with text do not scale well on small screens.


Apps in Frappe Cloud Marketplace can be displayed by category. Select the category that best describes the main functionality of your app.

Required URLs

  • Support URL: The URL of a web page that your customers will go to when they have technical support, product, or account inquiries.

  • Privacy Policy URL: The web page that displays your app's privacy policy.

Please prepare a short demo video of the app describing the usage of the app so we can review if the app would be a good addition to the FC Marketplace.

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