My site is in Inactive state, why is it getting billed?

Both "Active" and "Inactive" sites are billed, you have to drop the site in order to suspend billing.

My site is suspended, what do I do?

You can pay your pending invoices to unsuspend your site. You can do the same from the billing section in your FC dashboard

What is using up all my database size?

You can see which tables/doctypes are using most space within your site itself. Search for Database storage report in the search bar and you will find report like follows Database Storage report

Clearing logs

More often than not, log tables can take up a lot of space. You can control size of log tables with: Log Settings

What is the difference between Database and Disk space?

When you create data in your site, for e.g., Sales Invoices it will consume database space. When you upload files and images, it will consume disk space.

You might find database space used on dashboard is higher than your actual database size when you download it on your machine. This is because on Frappecloud it is sum of space consumed by each table and index of each table. Click here to know more about database indexes.




Database + Indexes


Public + Private Files

What's causing request timeout error?

If a particular action in your site (not all), say submission of a document takes too long and eventually ends with a Request timeout, it's an application issue assuming normal functioning of the server. In most cases we can't do much other than try increasing the default timeout of 2 minutes of web requests.

If the action you're performing is part of your custom app, we'd suggest you look into try and optimizing the code so that it finishes faster. If you're pressed for time, you may also run the particular action from bench console after ssh as a workaround.

If the action is guaranteed to take long, consider converting the same to a background job.

On the off chance that the app is not part of custom app and all other activities in the site are going smoothly, please reach out to ERPNext Support for help.

Destination bench does not have some of the apps installed

If you're updating site on public bench and you face this error with respect to a marketplace app, it's because we've removed certain Marketplace apps from Public Benches. They are still valid Marketplace apps, but due to technical difficulties and low usage, they were taken off of public benches. Please remove the marketplace app if you are not using it or create a Private Bench with the required apps and migrate your site to that Private Bench using this tool

Database Size increased after moving site to dedicated server

You may notice that after moving your site to dedicated server, the database usage of the server will seem higher than what used to be the database usage of your site. This is because when we consider database usage for dedicated servers, we consider the storage used by the entire server not just the database. The difference in size is largely due to the binary logs that we collect.

Row size too large error on migrate

At times, you may see this error upon updating/restoring a site:

pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1118, 'Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs')

TL;DR Convert your custom Data fields to Text

This most often happens in core ERPNext doctypes such as Sales Invoice, Stock Entry, etc. and this happens because of custom fields. There's nothing wrong with adding custom fields for your use case, but due to limits placed by MariaDB, often times, you'll have to make some changes to the same.

As the error message points out, the way to circumvent this error is to change the datatype to TEXT or BLOB. Now, these are datatypes available in MariaDB. In Frappé, these correspond to the following field types:

  • Small Text

  • Text

  • Password

  • Attach

  • Attach Image

You will want to convert your varchar fields into one of the above so that they can be stored in overflow pages in MariaDB as we use the DYNAMIC row format.

Administrator password not working after restoring site

You can login as administrator to your site directly from your Frappe Cloud dashboard.

If you still wish to obtain the new administrator password set on your site, you may request for the same through our support portal.

Apps missing after restoring site from backup

You may notice the apps installed in your sites disappear or change after restoring a backup onto the site. This is because restore is a destructive operation. Restoring a backup will completely overwrite the database with the contents of the backup. This includes the apps, and the same gets reflected in your Frappe Cloud dashboard.

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