Incompatible app version

If you have been seeing a message such as this it means that an app on your bench is not compatible with some other apps.

Going forward, I'll use the example of HRMS.

HRMS depends on Frappe. Not just any version of Frappe, but a version that satisfies the version (or version range) specified by it. For example: >=16.0.0-dev,<17.0.0.

This requirement is mentioned in an apps pyproject.toml file. For example:

To fix this, you will have to change to the correct branch:

  • Navigate to the Apps tab on your Bench

  • Locate the app to be updated

  • Click on Change Branch under the ··· menu button:

If you are unsure which branch to change to, you can check the app's version by checking it's file, example:

We change the branch because branches are used to maintain specific versions of an app. In this cause you would change Frappe to the develop branch, which at the time of writing is on version 16.0.0-dev