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Frappe Cloud simplifies the setup and installation of Frappe Applications. You can start using any Frappe application in minutes, not hours. The installation and setup flow is designed to be user-friendly, even for non-developers. 

Setup without hassles

Hosting any open source application on your own can seem daunting. Provisioning a server, installing OS, database, web server and other dependencies. Even after completing each step meticulously, you're still depend on someone else for errors, downtimes and updating underlying dependencies regularly. 

With Frappe Cloud, you can create a new site in 5 clicks. All you have to do is select the apps, select the version, selection the region for your data center, enter a subdomain and you're done!

Install multiple apps

With Frappe Cloud, you don't pay per user nor do you pay per app. You can install as many apps as you can fit into a single site for no extra cost. 

Installing multiple applications on a site has a few advantages - apps share the same desk settings, user permissions, and log in. If you're expecting heavy usage, we suggest you create a different site per application.

Make it your own with custom domain

Frappe applications can be hosted with a default subdomain such as Otherwise, Frappe Cloud provides unlimited custom domains for all your sites. All custom domains will be served over SSL for a secure connection.

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