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Frappe Cloud's site and server analytics help you understand your resource utilization to help you with performance debugging. It offers runtime, activity, and audit logs for your team's activities. Not only that, you receive important alerts for resource starvation and failed deploys for proactive resolution.

Site analytics

It is difficult to monitor the resource utilization, uptime and debug performance bottlenecks in self-managed Frappe installations. You are reactive instead of proactive. This complexity quickly becomes unmanageable when you grow from a handful of sites to tens and hundreds.

Frappe Cloud site analytics helps you easily monitor CPU, storage, and memory utilization for all your sites in a simple dashboard. It offers you with slow query analytics that help with performance debugging. This never-heard-of transparency enables customers to choose the plan after analysing their needs over time.

Server analytics

Frappe Cloud server analytics helps you monitor your server's CPU, storage, and memory utilization. This helps you upgrade/downgrade the plans as per your needs. 

Additional metrics include network utilization and load averages. These help you monitor and improve your server utilization.

Job log

Jobs show a history of actions performed on your site such as adding a custom domain, scheduling a backup, updating site configuration and more. You can view this data to see if the jobs are running properly, something is stuck, or has failed along with reason of failure.

Activity log

Activity Logs provide chronologically organized events on your personal or team account. You get an overview of changes to your environment variables, deployments, and more.

Site log

The Site Logs tab shows the dump of log files that are generated by each of the processes such as scheduler.log, frappe.web.log, frappe.log, database.log and web.log. These logs ensure that every activity performed on Frappe cloud is logged for audit and analysis. 


You receive email alerts about important events such as resource limits, administrator login, failed deployments, and more. These alerts will enable you to monitor critical events/incidents and take proactive actions. 

Site, bench and server level access control

Frappe Cloud is equipped with granular access controls which can be enabled at site, bench, or server level. This is particularly useful if you want to give restricted access to your team members, especially for partners / consultants managing tens and hundreds of customers using Frappe Cloud.

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