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Upgrading any open-source applications can be particularly challenging. Common challenges include compatibility issues, data migration, and maintaining existing customizations and integrations. With Frappe Cloud, almost all these steps happen behind the scenes. This ease enables users to perform frequent upgrades and get the latest features and fixes shipped by Frappe developers, weekly. 

Discover updates as they arrive

You receive a prompt whenever there is a new upgrade available in any of the apps installed on your site, including marketplace and custom apps. Here you can dive into the changes/features expected in the update before proceeding with the upgrade. 

Test updates before deploying to production

If you have installed custom apps or 3rd party integrations, it is wise to first test it out before making it live on your production site. You can do this by maintaining a test site/bench to deploy and test new updates. 

Receive automated updates

Applications hosted on shared benches are always set on auto-upgrade. This is ideal for small business with minimal customizations. For sites on private benches you can select which sites you'd like to get auto updated with a simple toggle. 

Cherry-pick updates

The App Patch feature allows you to apply only specific updates to an app on your Bench. It's meant to be used for quick but tentative and small fixes. You can apply the patch across all the deploys on the bench or just for a single deployment.

Assisted upgrades

Frappe Cloud support includes assistance with version upgrades. You can request our support team to perform a full upgrade for you or reach out to us if you face issues while upgrading on your own. Note: We don't offer assisted support if you have installed non-Frappe custom apps leading to breaking changes during upgrade. We recommend you get assisted upgrade from the developer of the custom app. 

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