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When you rely on manual backup, there is a chance that you might miss taking one. We've met companies losing their data by depending on manual backup or error-prone cron jobs.

With Frappe Cloud, you can be rest assured. Frappe Cloud takes a daily backup of your data locally and enables you with additional features like on-demand backups, scheduled backups, offsite backups, and a simplified restore experience.

Automated daily backups

Frappe Cloud takes a daily snapshot of your database locally. This feature is available for all plans, starting with our lowest $10/month shared hosting plans. 

Trigger on-demand/scheduled backup

Alternatively, you can take on-demand backups right before performing a critical action like upgrade, site transfer, etc. This ensures that you have the latest snapshot backed up locally to confidently take action.

Automated Backup for Failover Management

During upgrades, Frappe Cloud intelligently takes the recent backup. If anything goes wrong, you’re back to where you started with automated fail-safes and recovery, ensuring your end-users experience minimal disruptions.

Offsite Backups for Disaster Recovery

Relying solely on local backups can be risky due to potential threats such as hardware failures, natural disasters, or cyber-attacks. Offsite backups ensures there is a copy of your data in a secondary server. Offsite backup is designed to provide peace of mind and safeguard your data against unforeseen disasters. Offsite backup are available in all $25/mo and above shared hosting plans.

Simple Restore 

With Frappe Cloud, you can restore your backups easily. You can restore backup from backup files or directly from an authorised accounts on Frappe Cloud.

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