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As your business grows, so will your compute needs. Frappe Cloud is amazingly easy to scale in few clicks. We also offer consulting for large enterprises to help with non-battle tested scalability challenges.  

Elastic compute

We provide alerts when you reach 80% resource consumption, allowing time for upgrades. Upgrading takes just minutes. Conversely, you can downgrade anytime if you're not utilizing your purchased resources.

Scalability consulting

Large enterprises seeking to optimize resource consumption can benefit from our Premium Support. Under Premium Support, you can leverage our expertise for optimizing database performance, refactoring application code by profiling, background jobs, staging tables, mute validations, etc, and get consulting on architecture scalability. Premium support plans cater to fast-growing companies and those running mission-critical Frappe applications.

Autoscaling (Coming soon)

Currently, FrappeCloud does not support auto-scaling to enable automatic scaling when you hit a daily limit. However, this is in our roadmap.

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