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Get 99.9% best effort uptime—regular incident tracking and fixes. Frappe engineers detect and fix issues before you know it.

Managed uptime

Frappe engineers closely monitor Frappe Cloud servers and proactively address downtimes through manual or automated fixes to ensure high uptime. Each incident is tracked, analyzed, and resolved to prevent recurrence. However, as with everything in this world, unforeseen incidents can still happen and we provide 24x7 incident support.

Deploy with near zero downtime

Deployment workflows are designed in such a way that most deployments experience 0 or near 0 downtimes. Large scale deployments expected to face downtimes, you can schedule them during non-working hours.

Disaster recovery with automated offsite backups

Frappe Cloud automatically snapshots your data on secondary servers, providing crucial support during unexpected incidents or deployments. With offsite backups stored on Amazon S3 as compressed files, there's no need to manually trigger backups, mitigating the risk of data loss.

Automated failover

In case of failures, our workflows are designed to fallback your site to the latest offsite backup. This way you don’t have to spend too much time in recovery, leading to no interruption to your end-users.

Resource utilisation analytics and alerts

Frappe Cloud dashboard helps you monitor resource utilisation in real time. Our alerts inform you when your site or server hits 80% of the defined threshold, giving you enough time to scale your infra without any interruption in usage

Uptime management with Hybrid Hosting

Identify and fix issues proactively and maintain better uptime. Site and server analytics helps you monitor your resource consumption and plan your uptime better. Additionally, you can extend server access to Frappe support engineers to remotely fix issues for you.

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