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App to allocate resources and maintain timesheet.

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  • Easily allocate the resources.
  • Better management of timesheet filling and timesheet approval.
  • New feature to maintain record of test cases.


Using bench, install ERPNext as mentioned on the official frappe documentation. Once ERPNext is installed, add nextproject app to your bench by running

$ bench get-app --branch version-13
$ bench setup requirements
$ bench --site <site-name> install-app nextproject

Note: use the correct branch as your ERPNext installed version asks for.


Resource Allocation

  • New fields are added in the Task doctype for the allocation. Which shows the information like who leads the project, who is primary consultant and which employee group it belongs. image

  • In the timeline section after filling 'Expected Start Date', 'Expected End Date' and 'Expected Time' it will automatically calculate the Duration per day (in hours) and Total duration (in days) image

  • A new doctype is created to fetch the allocation from the task. image

  • On clicking 'Fetch Allocation' button and after selecting the the 'From Date', 'To Date' and 'Primary Consultant' it will give the task assigned between the selected span of dates. image

Timesheet Filling

  • When 'Employee' and 'Date' is selected then on click of 'Fetch Allocation', Projectwise and Taskwise allocation are populate in the child table.
  • Where 'Time Spent(in hours)' is editable. After filling the 'Time Spent' field and on click of 'Submit Timesheet' button, A new timesheet is creates. image

Timesheet Approval

  • After filling the required fields like 'Employee', 'Approver', 'From Date' and 'To Date', When the 'Fetch Timesheet' button is clicked it will fetch all the timesheets of the selected 'Project' between the entered date span and populate all the details in the child table below for approval. image

Test Cases and Test Session

  • A new doctype 'Test Cases' is created to enlist the test scenarios for testing of the Product. Need to mention 'Product', 'Product Version', 'Project' and 'Task' as shown in screenshot below. image

  • In the doctype 'Test Session' after selecting the 'Project', 'Task', 'Product' and 'Product Version'. User can fill the details followed while testing with saved test cases and the results which user gets with each test case to keep the record of test sessions in the child table as shown in the following screenshot. image

Project Allocation Bill

  • 'Project Allocation Bill' doctype is used to make resource allocation in advance. Further it is used to make sale invoice in advance on click of 'Create Sales Invoice/Order' button. image



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