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POS Awesome

POS Awesome

Point of Sale for ERPNext using Vue.js and Vuteify

An open-source Point of Sale for Erpnext using Vue.js and Vuetify

Main Features

  1. Supports Erpnext Version 12 & 13
  2. User friendly and provides a good user experience and speed of use
  3. The cashier has the option of either using list view or card view during sales transactions. Card view shows the images of the items
  4. Supports enqueue invoice submission after printing the receipt for faster processing
  5. Supports batch & serial numbering
  6. Supports batch based pricing
  7. Supports UOM specific barcode and pricing
  8. Supports sales of scale (weighted) products
  9. Ability to make returns from POS
  10. Supports Making returns for either cash or customer credit
  11. Supports using customer credit notes for payment
  12. Supports credit sales
  13. Allows the user to choose a due date for credit sales
  14. Supports customer loyalty points
  15. Shortcuts keys
  16. Supports Customer Discount
  17. Supports POS Offers
  18. Auto apply batches for bundle items
  19. Search and add items by Serial Number
  20. Create Sales Order from POS directly
  21. Supports template items with variants
  22. Supports multiple languages
  23. Supports Mpesa mobile payment
  24. POS Coupons
  25. Supports Referral Code
  26. Supports Customer and Customer Group price list

How to Install

  1. bench get-app
  2. bench setup requirements
  3. bench build --app posawesome
  4. bench restart
  5. bench --site [] install-app posawesome
  6. bench --site [] migrate

How To Use:

POS Awesome Wiki


  • CTRL or CMD + S open payments
  • CTRL or CMD + X submit payments
  • CTRL or CMD + D remove first item from the top
  • CTRL or CMD + A expand first item from the top
  • CTRL or CMD + E focus on discount field



Will using this the same guidelines from Erpnext

  1. Issue Guidelines
  2. Pull Request Requirements


GNU/General Public License (see license.txt)

The POS Awesome code is licensed as GNU General Public License (v3)