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ETA Integration Egyptian E-Invoice

ETA Integration Egyptian E-Invoice

ETA - Egyptian Tax Authority Full Integration Egypt E-Invoice

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17 installs

$25 /mo

  • 1 Company Setup
  • Self-Service Configuration
  • Access to dedicated support Ticketing system
  • 2 Support Tickets Monthly
  • Support response within 4 business days
  • Bug resolution within 4 business days

$50 /mo

  • 2 Companies Setup
  • Onboarding & Setup Assistance
  • 10 Whatsapp, Email & Ticketing Support Portal
  • Support response within 1 business day
  • Bug resolution within 2 business day

Main Features

Dynamic E-Invoice Data.
  1. Dynamic ETA Customer Tax ID, Business & Address data.
  2. Dynamic ETA Item Code.
  3. Dynamic ETA Item Code basded on Brand.
  4. Dynamic ETA Item Code basded on Item Group.
  5. Dynamic ETA UOM.

Validation Features

  1. ETA Invoice format validation.
  2. ETA portal grace period validation.
  3. ETA Item Code validation GS1 & EGS & GPC.
  4. ETA TaxType & Tax Subtype validation.
  5. ETA UOM Validation.

Automated Features

  1. Periodic ETA Invoice submission after Sales Invoice Submission based on a configured time interval for each company.
  2. Automated Fetching & Updating ETA Invoice Status.


  1. Aggregated ETA Sales Invoice by status and posting date.

Setup Requirements:

  1. A Valid HSM issued by certiffied partner to ITIDA e.g. egypttrust.
  2. An Internet enabled Windows based machine that supports .Net framework v5.

For Token application setup assistance please contact via: 1. the email: 📩 <> 2. or fill the 📄 Onboarding Request Form. and we will contact you ASAP

Upcoming Features

  1. E-Receipt Integration.



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