Frappe Cloud Service Level Agreement

Date: 1st April 2024

1. Introduction

This document is indicative of the scope, terms of support, exclusions, release, and deployment schedule that will be applicable to all customers who have subscribed on Frappe Cloud.

Since we are improving our services to improve our customer experience, this support agreement is only indicative and is subject to change.

2. Definitions

  1. Agreement means this service level agreement which describes the support policy of Frappe that will apply for all users hosted with Frappe Cloud.
  2. Cloud Service means any distinct, subscription-based, hosted (and maintained) services that are offered by Frappe Cloud.
  3. Customer means the company or other legal entity that is the owner of the data for this Frappe Cloud account.
  4. Customer Data means electronic data and information submitted by the Customer to the Services, excluding content from third-party applications, integrations.
  5. Database means the underlying database that stores the Customer Data.
  6. Downtime means the time there was unavailability of Frappe Cloud sites due to maintenance activity at our end.
  7. Site URL means the web URL for accessing the site Customer has created on Frappe Cloud. This is synonymous with Site, Frappe Site, ERPNext Site and ERPNext Instance.
  8. Frappe means Frappe Technologies Private Limited.
  9. Support Ticket means an issue that has been raised by a Customer from the support portal.
  10. Subscription means the active hosting, server or support plan that the Customer has paid for availing Frappe Cloud Services.
  11. User means any individual to whom customer grants access for accessing the Frappe Cloud Account.

3. Customer Responsibilities

Customers will be responsible for:

  1. Understand the difference between our ERPNext Cloud offering and Frappe Cloud.
  2. Before raising a support ticket, the Customer is expected to refer to the user documentation.

4. Service Levels

Effective support services are expected to result in maintaining consistent service levels. The following sections provide relevant details on service availability, monitoring of scope of services and related components.

4.1 Support Scope

The scope of this Service Level Agreement includes:

  1. Functional support: Includes support on all standard features of the Frappe Cloud dashboard. For e.g.,
    1. Adding custom domain to a Site
    2. Creating a new Site from an existing backup
    3. Downloading backups
    4. Deleting a Site
    5. Adding custom apps
  2. Bug fix: Fixing verified bugs after Investigation. Bugs will be fixed based on severity and criticality and included in our regular release process. Critical bugs will be taken up on priority and released immediately.

4.2 Support Exclusions

The following items are not included in support. Our team may occassionally provide help for trivial issues on a case basis but there is no obligation for us to do them. The reason is that these issues are out of scope for the Frappe Cloud team and can be time consuming activities. These issues include:

  1. ERPNext Functional Support
  2. ERPNext Bug Fix Support
  3. Custom App Development

4.3 Support Hours

Coverage parameters specific to the service(s) covered in this Agreement are as follows:

  1. Business Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 Indian Standard Time (Monday-Friday)
  2. Only critical issues will be handled on weekends (Saturday, Sunday).
  3. Tickets received outside of these hours will be collected and we will try to ensure solving the issue within the next business day.

4.4 Support Levels

The criteria of each level of Issue Priority shall be as per the following table. Each support issue will be classified based on the criticality and impact by Frappe.

Sr. No Issue Type Description
1 Functional Query
  • Issues related to various features of Frappe Cloud, Custom Domains, Backups, Subscription Plans, etc.
2 Critical
  • System is inoperable / not functioning
  • Impact threatening productivity
  • Server Failure
  • Unable to access sites
3 Bug
  • System is operational but behaviour of a specific feature of Frappe Cloud is incorrect
4 Vulnerability
  • Security vulnerabilities that can compromise Customer Data

4.5 Support Resolution Times

For the above Issue Types, the response and resolution times for Standard plans are as specified below.

Sr. No Issue Priority Response Time Resolution Time
1 Unclassified 2 hours 4 hours
1 Critical 30 minutes 2 hours
2 Functional Query 16 hours 24 hours
3 Bug 8 hours Next Release
4 Vulnerability 8 hours 64 hours

The response and resolution times for Premium plans are as specified below.

Sr. No Issue Priority Response Time Resolution Time
1 Unclassified 2 hours 4 hours
1 Critical 30 minutes 2 hours
2 Functional Query 30 minutes 24 hours
3 Bug 30 minutes Next Release
4 Vulnerability 30 minutes 64 hours

These hours are subject to:

  1. The matrix shown above is defined in Business Hours.
  2. The response and resolution time are indicative and not final. Actual resolution may depend on factors that may be out of control such as unavailability of server etc.
  3. Frappe Cloud does not accept any penalty if these support requests are not resolved within the indicative times.

5. Escalation Matrix

To report an Issue, Users should create a support ticket from the Support Portal.

If, for any reason, the Issue is not attended, they can follow the escalation matrix defined below:

6. Marketplace

  • After submitting your app it could take around 1 week to review and publish your app to marketplace. If it takes more than that please contact