Hey, We Are Frappe 👋

We are a product company at Mumbai. For over 10 years we've been actively building and sharing high quality open source products and tools.

Why Frappe Cloud?

For 10+ years we have been running ERPNext.com as the hosting service for ERPNext. This is primarily meant for end user as a way of getting both hosting and support. In the last few years we have seen the community grow and they have been using public providers like Amazon, DigitalOcean etc for hosting. There are multiple problems with this:

  • Installing ERPNext is not very easy (though we have easy install scripts)
  • Continuously migrating, updating is hard.
  • Public Cloud Providers don't contribute back to ERPNext

Frappe Cloud handles these problems perfectly and gives the ecosystem a solid platform to host their ERPNext customers. This is also a great way for Frappe to provide services and continue to invest in the product.

Unleash the power of Frappe Framework

Frappe Framework is the hidden beast that powers the complex application layer of ERPNext and is a low-code platform that makes it very easy to build and manage complex web applications. With Frappe Cloud you can easily build and deploy Frappe Applications for simple business needs.