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Custom Frappe Application for Twilio Integration


  • Users can make outgoing voice calls by clicking at the phone icon that shows up next to the phone number.
  • Users can send notifications through whatsapp.

Voice Call

Once user clicks the phone icon next to the phone number, user will see a phone popup with a call button. Make sure that area code is included in the phone number(ex: +91) before using the call button to make outgoing calls.

WhatsApp message

Users can send notifications through WhatsApp channel. While creating/editing a notification please Select Channel as WhatsApp and Twilio number from dropdown if you want to send whatsapp notification.



  • ERPNext
  • Twilio account (More details from Configure Twilio section)

Configure Twilio

  • You need to create a new project in Twilio account to use communication features like whatsapp, voice calls etc through ERPNext.

Twilio For Voice Calls

  • From your Twilio console you can go to a programmable voice section and get a Twilio number to use for calls(make sure that the number is voice capable).
  • Create a TwiML App by passing voice request url as you_project_domain_name/api/method/twilio_integration.twilio_integration.doctype.twilio_settings.twilio_settings.voice . Use ngrok to get public domain for your project in case it is running locally.

Twilio For Whatsapp

  • From your Twilio console you can go to a Programmable Messaging section and get a Twilio number to use for whatsapp.

How To Setup

Once you have created a site with ERPNext app installed, you can download and install twilio-integration app using

bench get-app --site site_name install-app twilio-integration

Use bench start command to run the project.

Configure Twilio Settings Through Project's Admin Interface

  • For Whatsapp communication you need to set Account SID and Auth Token in Twilio Settings(You can get those from Twilio console).
  • For calls you need to pass TwiML SID(Get it from TwiML app you have created) and Outgoing Voice Medium along with Account SID and Auth Token in Twilio Settings
  • Make sure that you enabled twilio by clicking Enabled checkbox in settings.

NOTE: While creating a new communication medium for Outgoing Voice Medium pass twilio number(including area code(ex:+91)) as Name, Twilio as communication channel and Voice as Communication Medium Type.



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