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ERPNext Shipping

ERPNext Shipping

A Shipping Integration for ERPNext

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ERPNext Shipping

A Shipping Integration for ERPNext with various platforms. Platforms integrated in this app are: - Packlink - LetMeShip - SendCloud


  • Creation of shipment to a carrier service (e.g. FedEx, UPS) via LetMeShip, Packlink, and SendCloud.
  • Compare shipping rates.
  • Printing the shipping label is also made available within the Shipment doctype.
  • Templates for the parcel dimensions.
  • Shipment tracking.


For the compare shipping rates feature to work as expected, you need to generate an API key from your service provider. Service providers have their own specific doctypes similar to those from the Integrations. They can be enabled or disabled depending on your needs.

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Fetch Shipping Rates


You can see the list of shipping rates by clicking the Fetch Shipping Rates button. Once you picked a rate, it will create the shipment for you.

Shipping Label

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The service provider will also provide the shipping label and to generate the label, click on the Print Shipping Label on top of the doctype.



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