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Nextcloud Integration for Frappe sites

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Custom Frappe App for Nextcloud Backup


This app lets you take backup of your database, config and files to your Nextcloud instance. You can configure it to take daily or weekly backups.


On your site you can download and install nextcloud-integration app using

bench get-app
bench --site {site_name} install-app nextcloud_integration


After successful installation of nextcloud-integration app You can search for Nextcloud Settings in the Awesome Bar which will direct you to the following Nextcloud Settings page

NextCloud Setting Screen

  • Username: Your Nextcloud Account Username
  • Password: Your Nextcloud Account password or App Password you might have created for this app.
  • Nextcloud URL: URL of site where Nextcloud Account exist. For eg(""). Optionally you can also provide a port number after your URL as ("")
  • WebDav URL: You will find this in your Nextcloud Account. Example: /remote.php/dav/files/{email_address}/
  • Path to Upload Folder: You can provide the path of folder where you would like your files to be uploaded.
    • NOTE:
      1. The folder should have already been created.
      2. If not provided, a folder Frappe Backups will be created.
  • Backup Frequency: One of either Daily or Weekly can be choosen.
  • Backup Files: Check this option to Backup public and private files along with the database.
  • Send Notifications To: Email on which the notification for Backups should be sent.
  • Send Email for Successful Backup: Check this option to receive email for successful backups, by default emails for failed backups are sent.

After saving the configuration click on Backup Now button and verify if the files where uploaded in your Nextcloud instance.

NOTE: This process generally takes from a few minutes to half an hour depending on the size of your backup.


This repository has been released under the MIT License.

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