Managing your Marketplace App


Once you have successfully added your app to the marketplace, you will be able to manage releases for your app from the Releases tab in your app page.

You will see a list of your app releases (created each time you push new code to GitHub) on this page.

An app release can be in one of the 4 states:

  1. Draft: This release has not been published yet and can be published.

  2. Awaiting Approval: You have requested to published this release, but it has not been approved from our side yet.

  3. Approved: You have requested to published this release and it has been approved from our side. Once approved, the release will be deployed to marketplace within a week.

  4. Rejected: You requested to publish the release, but due to some issues, the release was rejected by our review team.

You can click on the Publish button next to the release to submit it for publishing to the marketplace post approval from our review team:

Publish a release

You can also cancel a publish request, upon cancellation the app release will go back to the Draft state:

Cancel a release

Before submitting a release for publication to marketplace, make sure you have tested it properly and it does not introduce any major bugs to your app.

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