How to install a custom app

Frappe Cloud will allow custom apps only on private benches so that they don't interfere with public benches which are shared among users.

Custom Benches is still beta, so to install your custom app, you must first get your private bench.

Creating a new bench

Click on your avatar image and you should see a dropdown with an option to create a "New Bench":

Avatar Dropdown

Go through the steps to create a new bench.

After you get your private bench, come back here.

Now, to add custom apps to this bench follow these steps:

  1. To manage your bench, click on Manage Bench button next to the name of the bench from your Frappe Cloud dashboard.
  2. Click on Apps tab and then Add App.
  3. Click on Add from GitHub at the bottom, you should see the Add App screen.
  4. Click on Connect To GitHub, and then go through the GitHub authentication flow to allow Frappe Cloud access to your apps.
  5. Select the organization, and then click on the app you want to install, select the branch you want to deploy from the dropdown.
  6. Click on Validate App and then click on the Add app button
  7. Now you will see your app listed in the Apps tab.
  8. Your bench is still not deployed yet. Click on Show updates button and click on Deploy.

After pushing updates to your app, you need to deploy a new version of your bench, then update your site as well to see the changes in your site.

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